Pre webOS 1.1.0 released, syncs with iTunes again

By Matthew
Jul 24, 2009
  1. Just over a week ago, Apple introduced iTunes version 8.2.1. In addition to bug fixes, the new version claimed to address an issue with the verification of Apple devices – in other words, break the Pre’s syncing capability. One-upping Apple, Palm has delivered webOS version 1.1 which among other things, restores the Palm Media Sync feature.

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  2. I've never been interested in the iphone but the pre sounds pretty sweet. Hopefully it will become available on more networks.
  3. maddmatt02

    maddmatt02 TS Rookie Posts: 88

    I played with it in the store a couple weeks ago, it wasnt very fast opening apps. it wasnt really slow though either. the phone didnt have custom apps on it, but I opened both calenders, the dialer, messaging, and the tools menu. they all opened within a second or two, but with all them open flipping through them and choosing one was almost instantaneous, so it seems to be better to just leave the things you use most open and just swipe to whatever one you want at the time. as soon as my account will let me get one I will have one.
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