Just a few short months after EA released the Sims 3, they are planning to offer the world an expansion to the game. Initially to be released for Mac and Windows platforms, the forthcoming “World Adventures” pack will add travel sites around the globe, exploration and treasuring hunting and numerous other bonuses to the game. It should be in stores by mid-November, with mobile versions due out next year.

The game has been available for only two months now, but opened up to break sales records. Over 1.4 million copies were sold during the first week, and it has continued to enjoy success past launch. Whether or not it's too soon for an expansion, the fans will decide. Love or hate the Sims, you probably still have an opinion on how EA is handling one of their most successful franchises ever. What's your take – is EA blatantly milking The Sims, or will they actually produce enough new and interesting content to justify an expansion?