PlayStation 3 firmware 3.0 has gone live, and owners of the console can expect to see a wide variety of changes. Firmware 3.0 reportedly delivers a host of updates and modifications. Among the additions is a new interactive news section, a status indicator bar, a tweaked friends list, a reworked Trophy system and more.

Sony has replaced the "Information Board" with a "What's New" section, which contains interactive news as well as your recently played games. They have positioned a status indicator in the top right corner, which displays user, friend and new message icons, as well as the number of friends online. The indicator bar also includes a scrolling ticker with PlayStation Network news.

They have polished the friends list, which now displays friends in a slightly redesigned format, and messages are now viewable from your friends' profile. The update places PlayStation Store shortcuts in the Game and Video categories. It also improves upon personalization with new dynamic custom themes and avatars, and has a revamped Trophy system.

Naturally, opinions of the changes will vary. Share your thoughts on the firmware update in the comments. Watch a preview of the firmware update after the jump.