For tech enthusiasts, purchasing a new computer -- or even just a video card -- is a parade that model numbers and specifications can't rain on. However, for the typical folks who stroll into Best Buy or Wal-Mart and cart out a new PC, deciphering gigabytes from gigahertz can be a humbling experience.

AMD is looking to ease up on the Average Joe with a new marketing campaign that will lump its twenty-plus CPU and GPU categories into only three: Vision Basic, Vision Premium and Vision Ultimate. The chip maker will associate various activities with each new category to help customers figure out what level of performance they can expect. Naturally, Basic machines will be for the lowliest of tasks, those stamped with Premium will be equipped to consume digital media, and Ultimate systems will be able to create content.

AMD expects to deploy another category in the first quarter of next year, Vision Black, which will be aimed at high-end desktop enthusiasts. At least four computer makers have signed on to the new marketing scheme, including Acer. The first notebook system to use the "Vision" nomenclature will arrive before the October 22 launch of Windows 7.