Those of you who run dual monitor setups know the freedom it gives for multitasking. But with its upcoming DirectX 11-capable Radeon HD 5800 series, AMD is hoping to take this experience to a whole new level, via a new technology called Eyefinity that allows for multiple displays to be driven off of a single video card.

Specifics on the technology are still being kept under wraps, but a recent demonstration showed six 30-inch Dell displays running together to form one insane 7680 x 3200 resolution surface. The graphics card used in this particular demo sported six DisplayPort connectors, made possible due to the connector's compact size, though a spokesperson said that HDMI and DVI-based cards with fewer outputs should be available as well.

Apparently AMD has coded their driver to tell the operating system that a single huge screen is attached, instead of multiple monitors, thus enabling games to take advantage of the entire surface. to produce ultra-thin-bezel monitors and stands designed with Eyefinity in mind.