Bing has had a busy few months, but if recent rumors hold any weight, a facelift may be just around the corner. Mary-Jo Foley over at ZDNet caught wind of a few Tweets that came from Microsoft's annual company meeting, which are hinting that Redmond may roll out "Bing 2.0" this fall – and possibly as early as next week.

The Tweets quoted by Foley indicate that attendees of Microsoft's gathering have seen a demo of Bing 2.0. While none of the micro-blog posts offered a clear image of what's to come, most imply that some major changes are afoot. One Tweeter said, "Bing 2.0, out this month, has some exciting new features. Imagine seeing maps plus pics from the neighborhood of a restaurant to try."

Another backed the map additions with "BING 2.0 terrific !! watch out guys ! bing + silverlight in maps = amazing!! goodbye google," and one Tweet claimed the update would be rolled out next week. Microsoft declined to offer any worthwhile details when questioned by Foley.