Intel has unveiled its Moblin 2.1 operating system, which is suitable for phones, MIDs, and netbooks. Short for "Mobile Linux," Moblin has mostly warmed the bench, but Intel is prepared to let the latest build see some action.

Recognizing that less is more, Moblin encompasses a minimalist interface that is fine-tuned for handheld devices. The interface includes widget-based social networking apps, the Firefox-derived Fennec mobile browser, and a Palm Pre-style, panels-based navigation system that allows you to flip through multiple running programs.

Moblin 2.1 is also Flash and Silverlight-friendly, so interactive apps will be able to run inside web pages – unlike Apple's iPhone. According to Microsoft, its ability to display Silverlight will allow developers to build apps once that work on both Windows and Moblin.

APC Mag has various images straight from the demonstration at IDF 2009 that you should check out if you're at all interested in the upcoming mobile OS.