We already knew Asus has been mulling the launch of an Android-based netbook before the end of October, but apparently the open source future of its Eee PC line doesn't end there. According to a story at NetbookNews.de citing an unnamed "safe source," the company will also launch a Moblin netbook in that timeframe.

The Linux-based operating system designed and tuned specifically for Atom-powered devices was originally an Intel project, but its development has since been turned over to the Linux Foundation. Besides offering a sleek and streamlined user interface, Moblin should integrate with a number of online services and keep calendars, tasks, appointments and media content easily accessible and synchronized.

Asus' first system pre-installed with Moblin will not be a new model, according to NetbookNews, and is likely to be found in the company's Seashell range of Eee PC netbooks. There's no mention of price or exactly which regions the Moblin-based netbooks will be available in, but the report does suggest the company is actively working with Google as well to put out a Chrome OS netbook at some point in the not-too-distant future.