A couple weeks back, Microsoft confirmed the existence its Xbox 360 802.11n adapter, but provided no official word on the price or availability. A listing on GameStop's website has revealed that the updated Wi-Fi dongle will ship on November 3 of this year and cost $99.99 – which lines up earlier pricing rumors.

It was also speculated that when the 802.11n device launched, the current 802.11b/g adapter would receive a price cut from $99.99 to $79.99 – that may not be the case, however. Joystiq is reporting that GameStop will sell both the new and old adapter for the same price of $100.

I'm not sure I see the logic in this – especially since Microsoft referred to the new Wi-Fi device as "another choice" for consumers. While that is technically still true regardless of pricing, it only makes sense to me that Redmond would offer the dated adapter for a discount. I guess we will find out for sure in the coming weeks.