Xbox 360 802.11n adapter coming November 3 for $100

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A couple weeks back, Microsoft confirmed the existence its Xbox 360 802.11n adapter, but provided no official word on the price or availability. A listing on GameStop's website has revealed that the updated Wi-Fi dongle will ship on November 3 of this year and cost $99.99 -- which lines up earlier pricing rumors.

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Even wireless 'n' still can't beat the price to performance of a 10' $6.99 CAT5 cable. It's still for foo's who like to throw away cash on an easy problem.


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Yeah for GameStop, Power to the Gamers, and charging the same price for old technology (that should be cut in price even further.....


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Excellent point! Where is the fix for that issue? In another post I pointed this out regarding my Xbox 360's issue with not being able to download updates because of the security on my N Draft LinkSys router. I had to change it back to WEP to get the updates.

So I have been waiting, but I guess I will now just run a Cat5 and reconfigure my router back to WPA2.
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