G.Skill has introduced its new "ECO" ultra low voltage memory modules today. Specifically designed to be coupled with Intel's Lynnfield Core i5 and Core i7 processors, the ECO memory runs at only 1.35V. This is 18% less VDIMM than the current standard voltage (1.65V) of DDR3 memory made for Intel's newly released platform.

G.Skill says its new memory not only offers power efficiency, but it is also friendlier to the environment, boasts lower operating temperatures as well as improved stability, and ultimately results in customers saving money. The company's internal testing showed that memory running at 1.35V produced 16% lower temperatures than 1.65V memory.

The new modules are currently available in six different configurations. All of them are dual-channel kits comprised of two 2GB modules. Three of the six kits run at 1333MHz, while the remaining pairs run at 1600MHz, and each frequency range is offered with various timings.