Update #3 (11/9): Congratulations to our lucky winner, treeski. Special thanks to everyone who participated (all 368 of you), it certainly made for an interesting contest with a very positive outcome. More info here.

Update #2 (11/7): Thanks everyone for your participation, the giveaway is now officially closed. The contest winner will be announced this Sunday. Look for the announcement on this page. We will also add a short note at the top of the frontpage in our weekend news round-up post on Sunday. Good luck everyone!

Update (11/5): Only two more days to participate! So far response has been overwhelming, not only because of the number of entries but because of the conversations that have formed along our tech news coverage over the past week. It was a risky proposal to prize the quantity of participation, but we are very happy about the quality and relevance of user comments for the most part. Keep it coming as we continue to roll out contests in the next few weeks.

Participate in TechSpot's latest giveaway and win an Acer Aspire One 11.6" netbook computer. Rules are simple and anyone can participate no matter your location. The contest will be held until next Friday, November 6th. Enter here for more details.

TechSpot will be hosting a number of giveaways through the remainder of the year. Our last Good Old Games contest was only the beginning. This time we are giving away an Acer Aspire One 11.6" netbook, similar to the one we reviewed last September. It's a pretty neat system, valued at $300.

What it takes to win

  • First leave a comment below and let us know you want to join the contest.
  • Become an active participant in the news comments starting today and until next Friday, November 6th.
  • For every post you make you get an extra chance to win (e.g. if you've posted 20 times during the contest, you get 20 chances).
  • To make this a sane competition we will cap the number of max comments during the giveaway to 40 (or about 4 posts per day on average).
  • If a participant posts nonsense comments recurrently we will automatically remove him from the giveaway without any notification.
  • Quantity is important but QUALITY will be taken under serious consideration.
  • TechSpot staff members will monitor and join the conversations. Our usernames are highlighted in blue.

Other rules and regulations

  • We will randomly select 1 winner using weights depending on the number of comments posted during the giveaway timeframe (see above).
  • We won't limit participation based on geographic location. We will ship the netbook from the U.S. to the location the winner designates. We should not be held responsible for any customs import taxes or additional fees incurred in the process.
  • The prize is not an off the shelf item. It is however practically new as was only used for evaluation on the site. The manufacturer (Acer) has granted us permission to give it away to our readers.
  • The winner will be notified via email. Only TechSpot community members can participate as we will use your account's email for notification. As always, you can register here free of charge.
  • Once selected, the winner will be notified via email and have 5 days to respond and accept the prize. It will also be announced at this location. If we don't receive a response by the sixth day, we may select an alternate potential winner in his/her place.

Good luck!