We have now drawn an official winner, gathered some interesting statistics, and also got ready to announce the details about our next giveaway opening later this week. Drum roll... results after the jump.

Congratulations treeski!
With a total of 34 comments posted during the last 10 days, you were randomly selected as the winner of the Acer Aspire One 11.6" netbook. Please respond to our announcement email, so we can get the prize sent your way asap.

To the rest of members who participated... Thank you again for making TechSpot's news coverage more interesting than ever. I tried to follow as many conversations as possible every day, replying to some of your comments and concerns along the way. Many of the news discussions lasted for days after the original publishing date in fact. You also managed keep it very civil during the contest despite of the quantity factor, that talks very highly of our community and our readers.

A few facts

  • 2300+ news comments were made during the contest period
  • 368 members participated
  • 6.47 was the average number of posts made by contestants
  • Only 10% of participants posted over 20 comments
  • Almost 40% of users posted < 3 comments -- in other words, your chances weren't too bad
  • 3 members were disqualified, 1 was banned

Our next giveaway

We have several more giveaways planned for the remainder of the year, so we must act quick before 2009 is over. The next giveaway is coming up later this week, rules will be announced then. In the meantime, here are the prizes we have lined up for this one: