Mozilla has just released a minor but still significant update to its popular Firefox web browser. Version 3.5.4 is essentially focused on security and stability improvements, closing a as much as 11 critical vulnerabilities among a total of 16. These include problems with third-party media libraries, the core and JavaScript engines, web worker calls, the GIF color map parser and the string-to-number converter.

Some of these problems could result in memory corruption under certain circumstances, Mozilla says, leaving room for hackers to create arbitrary code exploits. The company strongly recommends that all Firefox users upgrade to the latest releases. For those still running the 3.0.x branch however, they have correspondingly released Firefox 3.0.15, addressing nine different issues, including four critical ones.

As usual, users who have turned off automatic updates can use the "Check for Updates..." feature under Help or choose the appropriate OS below to download.

Download: Firefox 3.5.4 for Windows | Mac OS X | Other systems and languages