Mozilla launches Firefox 3.5.4, closes 16 vulnerabilities

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Mozilla has just released a minor but still significant update to its popular Firefox web browser. Version 3.5.4 is essentially focused on security and stability improvements, closing a as much as 11 critical vulnerabilities among a total of 16. These include problems with third-party media libraries, the core and JavaScript engines, web worker calls, the GIF color map parser and the string-to-number converter.

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This is why you choose Google Chrome. While both have vulnerabilities google is overall the better web browser. The ONLY thing that firefox has that google doesn't (soon to change) is plug-in support and even then most people I know sacrifice that in a heart beat for the speed, memory use, and overall ease of use that Chrome has. That is all :D.


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I keep hoping that a new version of Firefox will cut memory usage/leaks, but this version doesn't seem to be the one. After a couple of hours of browsing, memory usage is still up to 800+MB with only a few tabs open.


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What I really need to see is version 3.6 which is said to be multi-touch supported. I really want to try that.


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Thanks for keeping us aware of Firefox security fixes. I still think that it's a close call between Firefox and IE8 when it comes to useability, speed, and security.


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I'm just waiting for them to release the version with that Ribbon UI just so I can get it changed back to how it should be... With the Glasser mod! :D


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Mozzilla are really good at getting lots of fixes out unlike other browser such as IE! Cant wait for 3.7 to be released, its gonna be awesome!


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Quite allot of vulnerability’s, glad it is getting patched though. and same here, I'm looking forward to future versions. The 3.7 ribbon should be good, for some reason I always liked the ribbon since I first used it in Office 2007.


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I like IE, whats the big deal about firefox. If firefox comes up with anything worth wild ,Microsoft will add it to IE. Firefox is like a beta tester for MS. HA HA
It`s a step forward as i just tested it. I guess Namoroka 3.6 alpha 1 is just this version of Firefox.But in most of the cases Namoroka 3.6 beats Firefox if you ask me. They should have made this build of Namoroka as a final 3.6 Firefox.


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Firefox is still necessary for some websites I visit but I prefer Google Chrome. I'm sure it won't be long till all sites are optimized to use Chrome and Google makes a few updates. Once that happens Firefox will just be another thing in my net past.


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like IE, whats the big deal about firefox. If firefox comes up with anything worth wild ,Microsoft will add it to IE.
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