EVGA has announced a new dual-GPU video card, aptly named the Hybrid GTX 275 Co-op PhysX. The card houses both Nvidia GTX 275 and GTS 250 chips, which are linked together in some form of Hybrid SLI configuration. The GTX 275 is responsible for rendering graphics, while the GTS 250 tackles all of the PhysX calculations -- an interesting offer, even if Fermi is just around the corner.

The Hybrid GTX 275 Co-op PhysX card features 1.28GB of combined VRAM with a maximum memory bandwidth of 179.8GB/s, and the GTX 275 is clocked at 633MHz while the GTS 250 runs at 738MHz. It attaches via PCIe 2.0 x16, has two DVI-I ports, supports a maximum analog resolution of 2048x1536 or digital resolution of 2560x1600, and can be set up in a SLI configuration with another EVGA Hybrid GTX 275 card.

EVGA's new Hybrid graphics card costs $350 and is up for preorder now. Buyers also receive a downloadable copy of Batman: Arkham Asylum, which explains why Joker's image is branded on the side of the card.