According to a post on its support forum, Intel has managed to reproduce the nasty bug that's been bricking SSDs. Intel replicated the issue on Windows 7 X64 with version 1.3 of the firmware upgrade tool and a 34nm X25-M SSD. The company has placed the bug as a high priority and will deliver a fix as soon as possible.

Last month, Intel pulled the TRIM firmware update (02HA) and associated SSD Toolbox for its 34nm SSDs after users reported problems with the new software. The bug left many X25-M owners with disk read errors and an otherwise inoperable drive. In the meantime, Intel is recommending that users hold off on updating to 02HA if they have not already. The company notes that if you have successfully applied the update, you are in the clear.

Intel is currently seeking direct feedback from members on the bug, and has accepted many of the busted drives for analysis.