Global PC microprocessor shipments grew to an all-time high during the third quarter of 2009, according to a report by IDC. The firm's data shows that computer processor shipments rose 23% from the previous quarter, or about double the usual growth in unit shipments for the same period. Revenue also increased, climbing 14% on quarter to $7.4 billion.

Mobile PC processors like Intel's Atom accounted for much of the surge, increasing 35.7% on quarter. Sales of desktop chips were up 11.4%, and x86 server processors grew 12.2% quarter-over-quarter. Intel represented 81.1% of the total CPU market in the third quarter, which is up 2.2%, while AMD earned a share of 18.7%, a 2.0% loss. VIA Technologies was barely on the map at 0.2%.

By form factor, Intel bagged 88% of the mobile PC segment, a gain of 1.1%, AMD held 11.9%, a loss of 0.7%, and VIA claimed 0.2%. Share were similarly divided in the PC server and workstation processor sector, with Intel holding 90.4% of the market, up 0.5%, and AMD at 9.6%, down 0.5%. In the desktop segment, Intel claimed 72.2%, a gain of 2.0%, AMD finished with 27.4%, a loss of 1.9%, and VIA earned 0.3%.