It wasn't all that long ago when YouTube moved past the grainy, low-resolution limitations they started with and began offering "High Quality" video streaming. With high-speed broadband becoming ubiquitous and capable of supporting higher quality streams, people want more -- and Google is set to deliver. Starting next week, YouTube will begin offering the ability to upload and stream 1080p resolution videos, making fullscreen YouTube a pleasing possibility.

Users have already delivered 1080p content to YouTube, but it has always been re-encoded to be scaled down. Rather than make users go back and re-upload anything, YouTube is going to automatically sort through their entire library and bump up any content that is 1080p to the full viewing experiencing, upgrading from the existing maximum of 720p.

Though not all of their over one billion videos served up each day are going to be in high quality, it does bring to mind how they plan on making money with ever-increasing bandwidth costs. That is, without charging people for the service.