Dell has reportedly addressed the recently publicized Latitude E6400 and E6500-series performance issues with an update. Hundreds of Latitude owners complained that when slightly warm, their systems throttled by as much as 95% under normal speeds.

Others said that even when cool, their laptop's CPU wouldn't reach 50% of its maximum clock. Dell allegedly ignored the problem, with complaints dating back to earlier in the year. The computer maker was also accused of censoring members of its support forum who spoke of the issues.

Only two days after various publications picked up the story, Dell introduced a BIOS update for ailing E6400 and E6500-series notebooks -- call it a coincidence if you like. The company has also released an update to quiet noisy Seagate hard drives used in various laptops.

Unfortunately, more user reports of the similar issues have emerged, possibly affecting the Studio XPS 1645 and Alienware M15x. Owners of the Studio XPS 1645 speculate that an underrated 90W power supply is to blame and have received 130W replacements from Dell after calling.