A leaked portfolio of upcoming HTC products indicates the company is shifting much of their focus to Android-based phones. Five of the eight models due for 2010 will sport Android, the remainder powered by Windows Mobile 6.5. This marks a change for HTC, which has primarily manufactured Windows-based devices.

As a member of the Open Handset Alliance, HTC's move is unsurprising. The HTC Dream -- known by most as the G1 -- was their first success. The phone debuted Android for the world, demonstrating the platform's flexibility. HTC will capitalize on this growing market with their "flagship" phone for 2010, the Bravo, which will be an Android device.

Android 2.0's feature richness may have been a factor in HTC's decision. If it can pull a company away from Windows Mobile 6.5, it could erode market share for other big-name players too.