Microsoft targets overweight gamers with new patent A newly disclosed Microsoft patent application -- Avatar Individualized by Physical Characteristic -- takes aim at fat people, proposing to generate fat avatars in gaming environments for individuals whose health records indicate they're overweight, limiting their game play, and even banning them. Slashdot

WordPress 2.9 final is out The popular blogging platform has hit its latest milestone with WP version 2.9. Among some of its newest features you have global undo functionality, a built-in image editor that allows you to crop, edit, rotate, flip, and scale images, batch plugin updates and compatibility checking, as well as easier video embeds. WordPress Blog

Steam weekend deal: 50% off TF2 Team Fortress 2 is the sequel to the game that put class-based, multiplayer team warfare on the map. In addition to the free weekend of gameplay, Valve has reduced the TF2's price to $9.99 in celebration of its recent War patch. The deal ends today, so grab your copy before it's too late. Steam

Twitter attacked by 'Iranian Cyber Army' Twitter, the Web wunderkind with a $1 billion valuation, was attacked Thursday night by a group calling itself the "Iranian Cyber Army." The cyber attack was an alarming injection of apparent geopolitics onto the world's biggest social messaging service. The hackers, who took over Twitter's website for several hours, left a somewhat incoherent message that seemed to threaten the U.S. DailyFinance

Hands on: Moonlight 2 brings Silverlight 2, bits of 3, to Linux Novell has released Moonlight 2.0, a major update to its open source implementation of Microsoft's Silverlight rich Internet application framework. The new version introduces support for managed code and the DLR. Ars Technica