Synaptics has announced Scrybe, which adds gestures and other features to Windows XP, Vista and 7. By drawing symbols and performing actions, users can open and control some applications. For example, you can highlight a word within a browser and then draw a question mark to initiate a search query.

It seems that Scrybe symbols are customizable, so you can take that a step further by binding a symbol ("e" for instance) to a site such as eBay, allowing you to highlight a product name and automatically search for it on your preferred online store. Similarly, you can open Windows applications with the same functions, and manipulate things like media players and photo galleries with taps and swipes.

Scrybe is part of the newest Synaptics Gesture Suite 9.4, and will probably be bundled with OEM systems down the road. In the meantime, you can partake in the consumer technology preview here – and be sure to tell us about your experience. Watch a video demonstration after the break.