Microsoft announced today that it would begin selling a 250GB hard drive add-on for the Xbox 360 next month. On March 11, Japanese customers will be able to purchase the larger drive for ¥15,540 (about $172). Additionally, Microsoft will release the Wireless Controller Game Pack for ¥5,775 ($63) and the Xbox 360 Wireless N adapter for ¥8,925 ($98).

The company has packaged a 250GB drive with various special edition consoles in the past, but this marks the first time it will be sold as a standalone add-on. Avid gamers will surely welcome the extra storage space, as the Xbox 360 Elite only ships with a 120GB hard drive, which is quickly consumed by installing games, DLC, demos, and other downloadable media.

Unfortunately, the company is still overpricing its storage accessories. A 2.5-inch 250GB 5400RPM/7200RPM OEM drive costs $50 to $70 e-tail, so Microsoft charges quite a premium for its gigabytes.

It isn't clear if or when the 250GB drive will land in North America and Europe.