Steam is offering up another fine weekend sale with 50% off Far Cry and Far Cry 2: Fortune's Edition. They can be purchased individually for $4.99 and $9.99 or as a package for $14.99.

Released in 2004, Far Cry is among the most popular FPS titles for the PC and was developed by Crytek, who later brought us Crysis. Players are put into the boots of Jack Carver, an ex-US Special Forces operative, who is contracted by a reporter investigating a series of islands where a mad scientist is performing illegal genetic research. After his boat is blown up by mercenaries occupying the islands, Jack is shipwrecked and forced to fight for his life.

Far Cry 2 was picked up by Ubisoft and Crytek played no part in the development. Reviewers didn't rate it quite as high as the original, but it still fared well with a Metacritic score of 85%. Set in a civil war-torn fictional African nation, the game features an open-ended storyline and players control a mercenary attempting to assassinate a notorious arms dealer called "The Jackal." "Fortunes Edition" refers to downloadable content (included) that brings three new weapons, two vehicles, and four additional multiplayer maps.