Earlier this week, Raidon announced the HyBrid Disk, a storage device that crams both disk and solid-state technology into a single enclosure. The device writes to an SSD while mirroring data to a 3.5-inch HDD in the same housing.

While they aren't set up in a true RAID 1 configuration, files written to the SSD can be backed up to the mechanical drive at scheduled intervals. Naturally, if the SSD fails, information can be recovered from the disk drive.

According to a company spokesperson, the SSD is removable and can be used without the HyBrid Disk casing, if you want to use it in another enclosure or hook it up inside a computer. Upon reinserting the SDD into the HyBrid Disk, the hard drive will back up the SSD data.

Raidon hasn't announced capacities or prices, but at launch, the device will only be available as an internal solution, and an external version will come later.