Security firm Qualys has introduced two new services today – one free, another paid, and both offer websites protection from malware and other vulnerabilities. QualysGuard Malware Detection is a free cloud-based service that scans sites to detect traces of malware and provides automated alerts along with in-depth reports of infections.

Qualys claims the service reduces false positives to "a near zero rate" by using both static and behavioral analysis. Static analysis identifies source code typically used in malicious attacks, including encoded JavaScript, web bugs and character encoding inside of inline frames. Behavioral monitors machines with unpatched browsers and operating systems for suspicious activities, such as programs being installed and started or files being written to a disk.

Qualys' paid service is called Go Secure, and for $995 a year, it provides additional protection. For instance, it checks to see if your web certificate is up to date, along with other vulnerability scans. Additionally, if a site subscribes and is deemed safe, it is given a security seal to comfort visitors. Once infected, though, the seal is yanked from your site and isn't returned until Go Secure determines everything is OK.

Both services are in beta and available today.