Spending upwards of $999 on the latest and greatest Intel processor might be overkill in most people's book, especially for the marginal performance gains you get compared to the next model down. But that isn't stopping a deluge of system builders from announcing products based on the recently announced Core i7-980X EE. The six-core, twelve-threaded part has already made its way onto gaming rigs by Alienware, Origin PC, CyberPower and Maingear -- among others.

Prices vary from around $2,600 to $5,000 and beyond depending on your configuration. This is only the first wave of rigs powered by this chip as we suspect almost every other PC maker will be following suit soon. Enthusiasts are more likely to build their own rigs rather than going with a pre-built system, but it's always nice to see the latest and most advanced hardware hit the scene.