Nvidia has released a new set of drivers for GeForce card owners and offered an apology to anyone who experienced fan speed issues after installing the preceding version. If you recall, just two weeks ago the company's 196.75 driver was pulled from Nvidia's website following reports that it was causing fans to slow down or outright stop working while gaming, and in some cases even damaging the motherboard or CPU from the increased temperatures.

Besides reportedly resolving this issue, the new 197.13 beta driver improves performance in several games up to 30% and adds support for Nvidia's next generation ION as well as the GeForce GT 320, GT 330 and GT 340. PhysX has been updated to 9.10.0129, HD Audio Drive to version, and SLI support for a bunch of games has been added. This is a WHQL candidate but Nvidia is still recommending it over 196.75 in case you installed it and never reverted.

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