Nvidia has yanked the latest WHQL graphics driver release (196.75) from its website after reports started pouring in about insane temperature increases and card failures. According to affected users, their systems start suffering low frame rates, freezes or even lock downs when playing games. This includes graphically intensive titles like Crysis or the StarCraft 2 Beta, as well as older, less demanding games such as World of Warcraft.

Some users are reporting temperature increases of up to 104 degrees Celsius. The problem seems to be related to the fan controller, with fans slowing down or outright stopping while gaming, and in extreme cases could cause damage to the motherboard or the processor as well. Nvidia is advising anyone who has already installed the latest drivers to go back to the 196.21 WHQL release, which is available from the links below:

Download: Windows XP | XP/2003 64-bit | Windows Vista | Vista 64-bit | Windows 7 32-bit | Windows 7 64-bit