Retracting its previous claims, Dell has restocked its Adamo XPS. Earlier this month, the company's online store stopped selling the ultra-thin notebook, and only a limited stock was available through a handful of major retailers. When questioned about the sudden lack of supply, Dell explained that the Adamo XPS was intended as a special edition "engineering marvel" meant to show off the company's capabilities.

Just over a week later, the overpriced system is back online and Dell is backpedaling. The company now says it deliberately restricted sales to control demand and prevent excessive ship times. Dell says it never planned to discontinue the Adamo XPS, and sales have been strong both online and in stores. Apparently, misinformed sales reps are to blame for incorrectly spreading word that the system was near the end of its lifecycle.

The Adamo XPS is once again available through Dell's online store, kicking off with the same specifications and steep $1,998 starting price.