Apple is reportedly wrapping up development on two new products aimed at professionals. Intended for a June launch, the company will refresh its lineup with a 27-inch, LED-lit Cinema Display. It is said to be seemingly identical to the LCD used in the company's largest iMac, including the same 2560x1440 resolution and image quality. Cupertino planned to ship the screen earlier, but held off until the panel price came down.

Also due in June is a completely overhauled Mac Pro. Few official details are known but unnamed sources say the system will carry a pair of Intel's Westmere-based six-core processors. AppleInsider believes the revamped machine will stick with the configurations used by current Mac Pros. In which case, lower end models would probably use one of Intel's hexacore Xeon chips, while upper-end setups would have two for a total of 12 cores.