Right after posting the news below I found this:

AMD and IBM to Jointly Develop Advanced Chip Technologies

Seems that IBM and AMD have decided to jointly develop processing technology. There's talk that AMD will be producing 90nm products by the end of this year and that their agreement with IBM will allow them to persue 65nm and 45nm solutions much quicker and cheaper than they would be able to otherwise. There's an official press release at AMD's site, here. I'm an AMD fan, and as far as I'm concerned, this can only mean good things for them.

This is just some "creative thinking" on my part, but with an IBM powered GameCube out right now, it doesn't seem like much of a stretch to see a new Nintendo console with "AMD Inside" seeing as they are planning on having 65nm and 45nm tech out by 2005, which is around the same timeline as the PS3, and the X-Box 2 (or whatever you want to call it). Just a thought.