With the arrival of Fermi-based graphics cards later this month we have run out of major GPU launches for the months to come, at least that we are aware of. The most important part is that we now know how Nvidia's last generation products will perform, and based on that you can make an informed decision on your next graphics card upgrade.

On the budget and mid-range levels things were dictated a bit earlier. ATI bombarded the market with new releases in the sub-$200 segment that not always lived up to expectations. Nvidia had nothing new to show here and instead relied on product refreshes and a price cutting strategy that nonetheless has served the gamer on a budget really well so far. On a recent tech tip we summarized what's hot in the market of budget graphics cards.

The upper mainstream and high-end segments could be considered complete with the new GeForce GTX 480 and 470. Unfortunately these cards have not challenged any positions held by competing Radeon HD 5000 products and instead have slotted in-between ATI products both in terms of performance and price. ATI still has the availability upper hand and from what we recently saw while testing a Fermi board, the Radeons are also more efficient.

With all this in mind - not to mention that Crysis 2 is on its way - are you considering a graphics card upgrade in the near future? Or perhaps you didn't wait around for Nvidia and have already grabbed an existing Radeon offering? Tell us about your GPU pick, and what graphics card you are upgrading from. Moreover, was there a gaming title in particular that inspired the upgrade? Discuss.