With the upcoming Crysis sequel moving from the jungle to New York City, it was only fitting that the world premier teaser trailer would debut on a big screen in Times Square. Now that same footage has been posted online for everyone to enjoy, in a two-minute video full of 9/11 reminiscent imagery, aliens, helicopters and nanosuits.

Developed by Crytek and published by EA, Crysis 2 sees the aliens from the first game returning with a full invasion force and determined to wipe out all humans. In addition, players will also need to face a mysterious and virulent plague, as well a crumbling Manhattan rapidly being overtaken by fear. Central to the story will be the nanosuit that appeared on the first game, only this time its powers have been streamlined into two: Power and Stealth.

Crytek also unveiled a tech demo to the press at a packed theater in the Tribeca Grand Hotel where attendees were shown CryEngine 3's realtime lighting, dynamic time of day features, deferred lighting, color grading, procedural destruction and deformation, and integrated physics, among other graphical effects. The new engine will bring the Crysis franchise to consoles for the first time, with the game debuting in time for the holidays on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.