Rumors of Asus bringing an Eee branded tablet to the market first appeared towards the end of last year. Now, after company officials confirmed its existence and even revealed a few details about the device, Asus chairman Jerry Shen has revealed that the Eee Pad will make its press debut at Computex 2010 in early June. Retail availability is not expected until sometime around July but the Taiwanese manufacturer hopes it'll be worth the wait.

The tablet is reportedly being developed with some cooperation from Google on the Android platform it uses. Unlike Apple's iPad, it will offer support for Adobe Flash, a built-in front camera and standard USB. Previous leaks have also suggested the Eee Pad will sport a 7" screen and that it'll have an Nvidia Tegra chip with support for 1080p video. Perhaps the biggest drawback will be its pricing. According to DigiTimes, the tablet could run about $480 to $510, but only after being bundled (and presumably subsidized) with 3G service.

Internal estimates at Asus suggest the company will only have 300,000 Eee Pads shipping in 2010. In contrast, Apple sold 300,000 iPads just on launch day and may have already passed one million.