According to anonymous industry sources cited by DigiTimes, Intel is on the brink of launching several new Atom-based CPUs. At least two models -- the N455 and N470 -- will feature two processing cores and support for DDR3 memory.

While details are currently scarce, sources say Intel will unveil its third-generation netbook platform and launch the dual-core Atom N500-series as early as June 2010, and major players are gearing up for the arrival of the chipmaker's new products. One such company is Asus, who already has an N500-based netbook slated for the third quarter.

In January, Intel released its current Pineview lineup, which is comprised of the N450, D410, and D510 -- all of which carry the GMA 3150 GPU and support DDR2 RAM. Looking further ahead, the company plans to introduce a 32nm-based Atom line, codenamed Cedarview, which will boast an integrated graphics core capable of HD video playback.