OCZ expanded its flash drive lineup today by adding a new super fast, highly portable solid-state drive with looks to match. The company first revealed the (then unnamed) Enyo portable SSD in its CES announcements, but few details were provided.

OCZ officially introduced the USB 3.0-equipped drive today, which promises to put your external mechanical hard drive to shame with its maximum read and write speeds of 260MB/s and 200MB/s. It also touts superior power management and lower CPU utilization.

The Enyo's anodized aluminum housing is admittedly gorgeous compared to most other external storage products on the market. The drive measures 56 x 120 x 10 millimeters (2.2 x 4.7 x 0.39 inches) and weighs only 87.7 grams (3 ounces).

OCZ is currently shipping the Enyo in capacities of 64GB ($229.99), 128GB ($409.99), and 256GB ($819.99). It's worth mentioning that the 64GB model is a bit slower with read and write rates of 225MB/s and 135MB/s.