After the initial uprising over Chrome OS, Google's Web-centered operating system, the project kind of fell off the radar - but it's about to make headlines again. Sources tell VentureBeat that Acer is preparing to unveil several devices with Chrome OS at Computex Taipei, which runs from June 1 to June 5.

What exactly those devices are remains a mystery until then. Since Chrome OS is intended for netbooks, smartbooks, tablets, and other lightweight connected machines, it seems likely that Acer will show something of that nature - especially given its history with netbooks and with the sudden craze over slates.

We're less curious about the hardware aspect anyhow, assuming it's along the same lines of what we've seen for the last few years. The real spotlight is on Google's new operating system as it's still unclear how Chrome OS will coexist Android and its ever-mounting army of gadgets.