With the distribution and consumption of media rapidly shifting to Web-based mediums, bigwigs are scrambling to carve out their niche. It's never been easier to hop online and download music, TV shows, movies, and games through entirely legal - and increasingly affordable - services like iTunes, Netflix, Steam and countless others.

About $10 a month gets you instant and unlimited streaming access to millions of songs, another tenner covers a wide range of shows and films, and outfits like Steam have mind-blowing sales every week, with games such as GTA IV for well under the $10 mark. Despite all of that, the entertainment industry still faces challenges with piracy.

While we don't promote violating copyright laws, everyone has at least one illegally-acquired song in their collection, so let's not pretend such things don't occur. Just about any form of digestible media is readily available on a myriad of P2P sites and it can be hard to turn your back on free goods - at least until you're served a $2,500 settlement letter.

Without dragging this on, we simply want to ask: What services do you rely on for your music, videos, and games? Have you always gone the legal route? Perhaps you're a longtime pirate scared straight? Feel free to comment as a Guest user if you'd rather the world not know about your torrented movie collection.