What is the most clicked Firefox button? Which button in the open source Firefox web browser is the one most clicked by users on Windows, Mac and Linux? The answer to that question and more has been addressed in a new Mozilla Firefox Main Window Usage Study. The study data was collected on an opt-in basis from nearly 10,000 users of the Mozilla Test Pilot addon which surveys Firefox usage. InternetNews

GPUs boost energy efficiency in supercomputers Supercomputers that mix CPUs with graphics processors made their mark on the Green500 list of top energy-efficient supercomputers released on Wednesday. Eight of the world's greenest supercomputers combined specialized accelerators like GPUs with CPUs to boost performance and make supercomputers more power efficient, according to the Green500 list, which is released twice a year. InfoWorld

Home Theater Desktops? Bah, I Say! Why notebooks are the answer.The theory of online video couldn't be more solid. As more and more broadcasters put television episodes online a week or less after their original air date and often in a format which contains less ads it seems that ye-ole cable television should be seriously threatened. PC Perspective

Using magnets to cloak matter waves Cloaking started out as a cool way to demonstrate an insight that Pendry had: you can run the mathematics for electromagnetism in any coordinate system, and the differences between the arbitrary coordinate system and real space can be interpreted as physical properties of the medium through which real light waves propagated. Ars Technica

Obama announces $795 million in broadband expansion grants The Obama Administration today announced that they've picked new stimulus winners, and are doling out roughly $795 million in grants and loans to help expand broadband service across the country. You can see a full list of the funding awards here (pdf), many of which fill in fiber "middle mile" gaps in various rural communities. DSLReports

iPad and Kindle reading speeds Many companies are betting big that electronic book readers will be one of the main ways people read long-form text in the future. However, such products will succeed only if the reading experience is much better than the misery of reading from PC monitors. UseIt

The entire Steve Jobs email story... It's real I obviously wanted to be 100% sure about this before I posted a follow up post, but before I go into the details, I'd like you all to know about how we operate over here. Boy Genius Report