Apple has released an update for its mobile operating system that fixes a buggy algorithm which supposedly causes the iPhone 4 to miscalculate the number of bars it has. The company maintains that iOS 4.0.1 will resolve a problem users have dubbed the "death grip," whereby holding the new smartphone with your finger on a certain spot can degrade, and ultimately drop calls. This has caused quite a stir, even prompting an open letter from US Senator Charles Schumer telling Apple to fess up and provide a real, free solution for the call quality issues.

Despite countless user testaments and a video by Consumer Reports' engineers confirming some form of hardware-based design flaw, Apple insists that you're just imagining things and the new patch will solve your troubles - at least until tomorrow, when the company plans to hold a press conference to further address the matter. In the meantime, you can download the update through iTunes and be sure to share your findings in the comments.