Valve reveals 'The Sacrifice' DLC for Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2, 'No Mercy' coming to L4D2 Last night on GameTrailers TV, Valve's Chet Faliszek revealed info on upcoming downloadable content for those still waging war on the zombie threat. Faliszek revealed a new downloadable content pack, dubbed "The Sacrifice," is coming to both the original Left 4 Dead and its sequel, Left 4 Dead 2. Shacknews

Franken goes ballistic on Verizon, Google, Comcast, and NBCU "I believe that net neutrality is the First Amendment issue of our time," declared Democratic Senator Al Franken at Thursday's public hearing on the Internet, held in his home state of Minnesota. "Unless it's freedom of religion," he added, "which, until last week, I thought we had kind of worked out." Ars Technica

Giant W.A.S.P sniffs out insecure Wi-Fi A pair of hackers have created the ultimate gadget for finding unsecured Wi-Fi connections--one made with a surplus US Army drone. "Mike" and "Rich", also known as Rabbit Hole, created the autonomous W.A.S.P (Wi-Fi Aerial Surveillance Platform) to fly around and find people's insecure Internet connections. PCWorld

Replace batteries with USB power Mark Bog thought it was a waste to use batteries for his desktop touch pad. Quite frankly we agree that if you can avoid using disposable cells you should. He ditched the dual AA batteries inside of his Magic Trackpad and built a battery-sized adapter to feed it some juice. Hack A Day

Nobel prizewinner: We are running out of helium Most of us think of helium as something to fill balloons with or that makes your voice go funny when you inhale it. Why does it matter that helium supplies are running low? New Scientist

25 Best hangman words A simple question from a six-year-old about hangman turned into another analysis obsession that made me play 15 million games of hangman recently. Wolfram Blog