Jumpstarting its second-hand game business, Best Buy has expanded its online trade-in program to nearly 600 stores with more locations coming soon. Beginning this Sunday, August 29, you'll be able to haul your pre-owned games to a participating store, waltz up to the customer service desk, and fork them over for a Best Buy gift card.

More than 100 popular titles will supposedly fetch $20, with many others valued for less. Joystiq notes that the store offers an online estimator, but it may not offer the most fair or accurate number. For instance, Alpha Protocol is priced at $27, while Mass Effect 2 is only $8.

Best Buy's move comes at an awkward point in the used games market. Many studios have been criticizing the practice of reselling games and are developing measures to profit from second-hand sales. It's also worth mentioning that GameStop recently said it disliked being in the used games business, while just yesterday, Target announced a similar exchange program for games and other electronics.