Augen Electronics Corp The four models in the more expensive Espresso line start by adding in a forward facing camera for video chat and Bluetooth, as well as increasing memory to 8GB and processor speed to 1GHz. The $349 plain Espresso uses the same display as the Latte Grande, while the $429 Dolce is bumped up to a 10.2-inch 1024x768 display. The $599 Dopio is intended to bridge the divide between tablets and laptops by including a dual-boot option utilizing Android or Ubuntu, and features a desktop dock with a back-lit QWERTY keyboard and additional lithium battery. The increased price tag also bumps up the memory to 512MB and offers a more laptop-like 160GB of storage. The final model, the $349 Firma, takes a bit of a twist, incorporating a wireless pen that can be used to transfer handwritten text and images to the tablet.