Augen Electronics Corp has unveiled six new Android tablets to expand its Gentouch line. Retailing between $199 and $599, each model seems designed to fill a different role, but all are WiFi equipped and will have access to Augen's SlideME app store. Following last July's $149 Kmart-only Gentouch78, the first two models in the lineup are the budget-minded Latte and Latte Grande. $199 gets you a 7-inch 800x480 display, 2GB of built-in flash memory, SD card slot supporting up to 16 GB, and HDMI output. In addition to those specs, the $249 Grande runs at 800x600, has an 800MHz processor, MicroSD card slot, accelerometer, compass, and ambient light sensor for battery conservation.

The four models in the more expensive Espresso line start by adding in a forward facing camera for video chat and Bluetooth, as well as increasing memory to 8GB and processor speed to 1GHz. The $349 plain Espresso uses the same display as the Latte Grande, while the $429 Dolce is bumped up to a 10.2-inch 1024x768 display. The $599 Dopio is intended to bridge the divide between tablets and laptops by including a dual-boot option utilizing Android or Ubuntu, and features a desktop dock with a back-lit QWERTY keyboard and additional lithium battery. The increased price tag also bumps up the memory to 512MB and offers a more laptop-like 160GB of storage. The final model, the $349 Firma, takes a bit of a twist, incorporating a wireless pen that can be used to transfer handwritten text and images to the tablet.