Eminem's people are determined to force Apple to hand over cash in settlement of the outstanding litigation over download sales of the rapper's music, according to The Detroit News. Less than a month after Apple and Aftermath Records lost an appeal case pertaining to the litigation, Eminem's music publisher (Ferndale-based Eight Mile Style LLC) has asked a US District Court judge in Detroit to enforce the settlement, which is a rather substantial $2.2 million.

It's not clear how Apple and Aftermath Records have to pay for the sum, which has never previously been disclosed until now. The Court of Appeals determined Eminem's publisher is entitled to 50 percent of sales proceeds, not the 12 percent it had received, for downloads of his songs and ringtones made between 2003 and 2008 through Apple's iTunes store. 12 percent of sales is the agreed-upon rate for physical albums. Eminem, whose real name is Marshall Mathers, was not a party in the lawsuit.

Digital music distributors, including Apple, have had many problems with music labels over the years. It's a huge price war: consumers expect to pay less than they do for physical media, music sales overall are floundering, and companies are trying to figure out how to increase revenue.