Ever since it launched the Xbox, Microsoft has been readily criticized for letting the PC gaming platform fall over the wayside. After all, the company's number one product is Windows, gamers are one of its most dedicated customer groups, and despite Xbox's success, the company's number one gaming platform is still the PC.

Redmond's stance on PC games is supposedly about to change for the better. Microsoft's Peter Orullian, group product manager for Windows PC and Mobile, recently told Kotaku that he wants to "bring some of the rigor thought and success we've had on console to bare in the PC space. PC games is a place where we are doubling down."

So what could Orullian be referring to? Last week, Microsoft announced it was readying a browser-based Windows store for PC games called Games for Windows Marketplace. Gamers will be able to purchases games (100 titles available at launch) with Microsoft Points or their credit card, straight from the browser. The store is slated to launch on November 15 (better late than never?) but Orullian's quote seems to imply this is only the beginning of a broader PC gaming push from the company. We sure hope it is: PC gaming deserves a boost.