T-Mobile, the fourth biggest US mobile service, plans to sell the Samsung Galaxy Tab for $400 as of November 10, making it available one day before Verizon and four days before Sprint. The initial subsidized price tag means higher overall costs: the device will require a two-year contract, a $35 activation fee, and a $200 early termination charge should you decide to cancel.

For the sake of comparison, Sprint is also charging $400+ for the device (a two-year contract is required) while Verizon is charging $600 flat out (not contract required). On the other hand, Best Buy is offering it for $500 in a silver WiFi-only variety, a WiFi + 3G black version from Verizon, and a WiFi + 3G version from Sprint. No matter what carrier you go with, you'll end up paying upwards of $1,000 if you want to get data on the 7-inch Android 2.2 tablet.

In other T-Mobile news, the carrier says it is working on hotspot support for its T-Mobile G2 users, though an allegedly leaked document details a comprehensive data tethering plan for a $14.99 monthly fee, according to Boy Genius Report. The new feature would let you tether over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or a physical USB cable at both 3G and HSPA+ speeds, though only on a $20 or higher unlimited data plan. Unfortunately, the memo says the service will be subject to T-Mobile's throttling. The plan should arrive on November 3, which is possibly when the myTouch 4G will arrive, according to a leaked e-mail obtained by TmoNews.