With the Holiday season officially underway, it seems OnLive is getting into the spirit of giving and has announced a couple of freebies for its first wave of subscribers. Specifically, those who bought a PlayPass for one or more games will receive a promo code worth up to $50 for another one, while everyone who purchased two or more games will receive a voucher for a free OnLive MicroConsole - minus the shipping costs which you'll have to cover yourself.

The offer apparently applies to both rental PlayPasses and unlimited Full PlayPasses, as long as they were purchased through November 23 till midnight. If you are entitled to a free game or OnLive's MicroConsole, you should be receiving a free promo code in your inbox soon, which you have to use before November 30, 2010. The first batch of consoles ship out on December 2 and Founding Members who make the pre-order will get preference in the delivery.

Seems like a good way of getting some positive word of mouth out there, as the company still has plenty of work ahead to convince mainstream users of giving cloud gaming a try. OnLive also recently announced it would be dropping mandatory subscription fees and instead it will only charge for the videogames you rent or buy.