The Google-branded Chrome OS netbook (think Nexus One) will be officially unveiled during some Google event on Tuesday, December 7, according to multiple sources cited by Engadget. It's not clear if it will be a live event, a webcast, or something else entirely but it sure seems that the Atom-powered laptop is coming.

Google will also be launching its Chrome Web Store, which will let shoppers browse Flash and HTML5 apps, on the same day, according to All Things Digital. The store is already supported by Chrome 8, which was released earlier this week. The apps are going to be a large part of the Chrome OS, so it makes sense for Google to reveal their home at the same time.

We've already heard rumors that the hardware would reportedly launch this month for Google's closest "friends and family," the netbook would be aimed at the development and enthusiast community (since the OS isn't yet complete), and 75,000 units were being manufactured by Taiwan ODM Inventec. In other words, that Chrome OS will officially be unveiled this year, but the majority of actual devices and the final version of the mobile operating system will be out next year.